Four Important Tips for Visiting the Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited sights in Spain and certainly the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona. Antonio Gaudi began working on this UNESCO World Heritage site in 1883 but the temple remained largely unfinished at the time of his death in 1926. It is still under construction! But that doesn't stop visitors from lining up in droves to catch a glimpse of the soaring cathedral. Due to the sheer number of tourists who visit this stunning work of architecture every day, it's important to plan your visit well in advance.

Follow these basic tips to ensure that you are actually able to enter the Sagrada Familia during your time in Barcelona.

Jennifer Maselli Travel | Four quick tips for visiting the Sagrada Familia

1. Buy your tickets in advance

This is a must. There are only a certain amount of people let in every day. Visitors to the Sagrada can wait hours for entry. Buying your tickets ahead of time ensures that you will actually get a ticket and cuts your wait time down.

Know which entrance you’ll be entering through and make sure you are on time.

2. Do a Skip the Line Tour

You can schedule a guided tour with VIP entrance through various tour companies, including Viator. While these tours cost more than tickets purchased directly through the Sagrada Familia, they allow you to skip the long lines and you will also have a knowledgeable tour guide guiding you through the experience. Tour guides can be hit or miss but in this case even if you have a terrible guide you’re still in the Sagrada, you’ve still skipped the line and you’re still going to be awed and amazed by the sights. 

Your friendly local travel agent can help arrange a tour for you.

3. The Towers are not included in basic tours

If you want to go into the famous towers at La Sagrada Familia you have to pay an additional fee. You can pay for an upgraded ticket through the Sagrada ticketing office or you can pay for a guided, skip-the-line tour that includes tower access. Again, these tickets and tours will be more expensive but you won’t be able to see the breathtaking views from the towers of la Sagrada without the upgraded tickets or tours. 

 4. You have to choose whether to access the tower on the Nativity facade with views over the east of Barcelona, or the tower on the Passion facade facing the city centre.

Each side has its own elevator to go up but visitors must take the stairs to go back down.

Kids age 6 and under cannot go up the towers and an adult must accompany teens 16 and under.


4. Follow the dress code carefully 

Yes, it might be hot and yes, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, but people do get turned away from the Sagrada Familia for being dressed inappropriately. Don’t miss seeing one of the most breathtaking sights in Spain because of your clothies.

Shoulders,  back, cleavage and midriff must be covered. Shorts and skirts should come to mid-thigh - think fingertip length. Hats are not allowed unless they are for religious or health reasons.

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