Putting Together a Custom Independent Travel Package

Putting together personalized travel packages is our specialty. We love working with our travel partners that offer complete guided packages - the convenience and expertise these companies offer can create a phenomenal vacation experience. But some travelers prefer to move about independently, making exploration a personal endeavor. That’s where we come in.

The first step is sending you a detailed travel questionnaire that we use to guide the planning process. It’s the beginning of our conversation. We talk about where you want to go and when, what type of accomodations you prefer, how you like to get around and what type of travel experience you’re looking for, whether it’s adventurous, active, culinary, history and culture oriented, or a combination. Then we go to work. We research locations, source hotels and transportation, find the add-on tours and tickets that will round out your itinerary.

Flexible Independent Travel | Paper Sun Travel Co.

Imagine yourself...

  • Traveling through Portugal and Spain on Rail Europe, with hotels, visits to museums, UNESCO World Heritage sights, and sunny beaches included.

  • Taking a tour of the American Southwest - Vegas, Sedona, Palm Springs, Disneyland, Orange County Beaches - we create the itinerary, book the hotels, airfare, private transfers to and from the airport, and direct you toward the best sights, food and activities along the way.

  • Spending 10 days on a tour of Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Get around via Rail Europe, see the Danube, visit the Hoftburg Palace - home to the Habsburg dynasty, drink beer, take in the famous 100 spires of Prague. We organize your rail passes, hotels, tours, and send you off with an incredibly detailed itinerary that you can pack in your carry on or access on your phone.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you can dream it, we'll plan it, book it and get you on the plane.

We work with a variety of suppliers and consolidators to book hotels, tours, transfers and air. This allows us to completely customize your plans to meet time and budget constrictions. Often trips can be held in advance with a deposit, allowing you to make payments toward your trip over time.

Flexible Independent Travel | Paper Sun Travel Co.

Once your trip is planned we put together your itinerary through a company called Travefy, including every detail you might need while you are traveling, like flight numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, and where to meet the drivers who are handling your transfers. Hard copies of your itinerary are delivered prior to your departure along with your travel documents. We also send your itinerary to you via a personalized app on your smartphone that can be accessed even if you are offline. This comes in very handy when traveling to places where internet coverage is spotty.

For more information on planning or booking collaborative independent travel, drop a line to hello@jenmasellitravel.com. We'll respond shortly with a detailed travel questionnaire.