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Travel Cats

Travel Cats

We collect your email for two reasons - mainly so we can communicate with you. If we are working together to talk about travel planning or are in the midst of putting a quote together for you, email is one of our most valuable communication tools.

In addition, if we've worked with you in the past or you use our contact or subscription forms we will put you in our client database. Which means that from time to time we'll send you travel offers and trip ideas you might be interested in.

If we've got some extra time on our hands we'll send you exclusive content, occasional updates and links to new posts on our blog or our social media accounts.

We will not sell your information to third parties. We will not use your information to solicit sales from third parties. We will not send you offers originating from third parties. We might send you cat pictures and for that we apologize.

If you have concerns or questions feel free to contact us here.